Machiavelli’s Art of the Double Cross

The 16th-century Italian diplomat and philosopher, Niccolo Machiavelli, wrote the political treatise “The Prince.” In the book, he advocates for the use of brute force and deceit, as well as engaging in immoral acts to acquire and keep political power. More notably, Machiavelli is known for his view that the end justifies the means and that it’s better to be feared than loved, if not both. Donald Trump wrote the book “The Art of the Deal”; you can say that Machiavelli wrote the book “The Art of the Double Cross.”

Rapper Jumps Off Hotel Balcony, Dies During Bisexual Threesome

Rapper Kevin Nascimento Bueno died after he jumped off a hotel balcony, falling five stories onto the pool patio below.

The popular Brazilian rapper, who performed as MC Kevin (aka Kevin Nacsimento Bueno), fell to his death in Rio De Janeiro while having a threesome with his friend, Victor Fontenelle, and fashion model Bianca Domingues. The rapper had received numerous calls and texts from his wife, Deolane Bezerra, who was looking for him at the hotel during his threesome.

After someone knocked on the door of the hotel suite, Bueno got scared and panicked; he thought his wife had found him. So he bolted the hotel room and jumped off the balcony, hoping to land in the pool. But the rapper slipped when he took the jump, and instead, plunged five stories and hit the pool bar canopy and pool railing before hitting the pool patio. Bueno fractured his nasal bones, maxilla, and jawbone, dying immediately on impact.

Investigator Luiz Alberto Moreira Coelho told reporters that the rapper’s room was in disarray:

“The beds were out of place, there was underwear and clothing all over the floor, there were condom wrappers on the beds and in the bathroom, and a large number of used towels.”

Bueno was “[e]xtremely scared, worried about being caught cheating by his wife, he panicked and tried to go down to the floor below when he slipped, fell and unfortunately died,” said Police chief Antenor Junior.

According to the police report, alcohol and narcotics were found in the room, including gin and a half-consumed bottle of champagne.

The evidence and witness statements confirmed no foul play, with investigators concluding that his death, which was witnessed by Fontenelle and Domingues, was indeed an accident.

The rapper met Domingues and Fontenelle earlier that day on the beach. The three were doing drugs and drinking booze and later arranged to have sex in the hotel suite. It’s uncertain whether they were aware the rapper had been married for three weeks when they agreed to have a threesome with him.

Manson: Sane or Psycho?

We compiled clips from interviews with Charles Manson in which he discusses his views on the criminal justice system. Manson likens the criminal justice system to that of a large corporation; he believes the courts prioritize profits over the interests of the people. He also discusses how those convicted of crimes are not always guilty.

Manson appealed his murder conviction to the California Court of Appeals, but they rejected his appeal. He then tried to appeal his case to the Supreme Court, but they refused to even review his case. When asked for the reason for their refusal, the justices would not comment.

Manson discusses his frustration with his court-appointed attorney, who was later admitted to a psychiatric hospital after having a mental breakdown. The judge refused Manson’s request to represent himself, so he was assigned to Irving Kanarek, a California criminal defense attorney. Kanarek objected more than 200 times in the first three days of the trial and repeatedly interrupted the judge and witnesses. At the end of the trial, the judge said that Kanarek was “without ethics . . . and professional responsibility.”

We also retrieved depositions related to an incident in which Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi stalked his milkman, believing he fathered his child. Tom O’Neill, an investigative journalist, shared the specifics of the incident during an interview with Joe Rogan. During the incident, which occurred shortly before the Manson case, Bugliosi made anonymous calls and wrote anonymous letters to the milkman and his wife; he also visited them at work and home.