Kimmel Claims White House Fabricated Story to Strip Acosta of Press Credentials

Jim Acosta is an example of someone that’s entitled, commandeering, and abuses the first amendment to push an agenda. He’s incredibly rude, and one of those people that has to get the last word, even if it requires outright lying. He has opinions about everything, and inappropriately injects them during press conferences; he doesn’t ask questions, he answers them. And CNN is fine with him as their Chief White House Correspondent

Acosta wants to become the news, rather than cover it. His love for the limelight is surpassed only by his need to please his media bosses at CNN and stroke his own ego. In fact, Jimmy Kimmel had him on, and it was a big love affair—a bromance. After all, Acosta might as well be a celebrity journalist, so it makes sense for him and Kimmel to get along. Apparently, Kimmel (a comedian turned “political consultant”) considers him to be a “reputable journalist,” and is even floating conspiracy theories that the White House is doctoring footage at press conferences to make Acosta look barbaric and unruly.

Remember that press conference when Acosta, showing is hubris, was lecturing Trump that the caravan of migrants moving up from Central America was not an invasion? Trump responded by saying he thought it was an invasion. Then, in a sudden pivot from the issue, he starts asking Trump if he thought he demonized immigrants during the election.

That was Acosta trying to “become the news,” rather than cover it.

Then Acosta starts alleging that the migrants, in the now-famous ad that depicts them storming through border barriers, were really just actors! (If so, all of those migrants deserve an Oscar for that performance.) And then after Trump tells them this was footage taken just a few days ago, Acosta strategically walks that back; first, he says that they aren’t going to do that, which then evolves into “they’re hundreds of miles away [from the U.S. border].”

I think he gets the award for the best backward moonwalk. Here’s a network’s Chief White House Correspondent debating the President, rather than asking tough questions. Even worse, he loses the debate with a backward moonwalk and looks foolish.

Now back to the Kimmel conspiracy theory. Kimmel (who’s no fan of Trump) claims that the White House doctored footage during that same press conference to make Acosta look like he did nothing wrong when he refused to give up his mic and touched the White House aide.

This is what happened: Trump eventually was done with Acosta and his rambling, and so he wanted him to give up his mic so he could call on other reporters instead of debate Acosta. The White House aide eventually approached Acosta (because he wouldn’t shut up), and tried to get the mic from him. She walked over and made three attempts for the mic; on the third attempt, the female aide was able to grab the mic, but Acosta wouldn’t let go and used his left arm to brush her aside.

Check it out here:

Jim Acosta at White House Press Conference

Kimmel jokingly said that “Acosta didn’t accost”; he then claimed the White House doctored the footage by “speeding up the clip, specifically Acosta’s hands when brushing her aside, and muting the audio so you couldn’t here Acosta say, ‘Pardon me, ma’am.’ (How polite of him to say that while brushing her aside and refusing to give up the mic!)

Here’s Inside Edition’s analysis of this so-called “doctored” footage tweeted by Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

Apparently, the “doctored” footage is designed to make it look like he “karate chopped” her hand by pausing the aide’s motion for a second, and then speeding up the clip. The sad thing about this is that they’re debating nuances that don’t change the fact that Acosta (1) debated the president; (2) Would not willingly give up his mic so other reporters can actually ask questions; and (3) held the mic firm when the aide finally grabbed it, and even brushed her hand aside.

Who cares whether it was a karate chop? He touched her and refused to give up his mic. They say the 3rd time’s a charm; unfortunately, in this case, it turned out to be an “arm”—Acosta’s left arm brushing the female aide aside, and his right holding on firmly to the mic so she couldn’t take it away.

To add insult to injury, in that same clip, Acosta denied touching the aide. Talk about a blatant lie. Then again, Acosta and CNN are very good at lying and playing the victim card. Hopefully, Kimmel will be more careful when spreading conspiracy theories of “doctored” footage, especially when that so-called “doctored” footage doesn’t really change what happened. Oh.. and Kimmel doesn’t even think Acosta should apologize.

I’m glad he had his press credentials stripped away. You don’t debate the president and argue during a press conference. Report the news; don’t become it.

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