The Media’s Selective Amnesia Needs a Cure

Selective amnesia. People suffering from this debilitating illness forget certain events in the past. Neurologists and psychologists have been studying and diagnosing this condition using cognitive tests as well as MRI and CT Scans of the brain.

Trump detractors/haters are in need of a cure. And who better than Trump supporters to help jog their memory?

Those with selective amnesia have become hypersensitive since the election, transforming into compassionate and caring advocates of civil liberties. They progressed from Stage One selective amnesia to full-blown amnesia.

“Love Trumps Hate,” they protest. Meanwhile, they refer to Trump supporters as “racists,” “morons,” “traitors,” and “fox news junkies.”

Trump’s support for legal immigration ignites a chorus of “racist” chants. Yet they forgot that Obama deported 10,000,000 illegal immigrants while he was president—some criminals, some not. I agree: We should be a welcoming country that offers asylum to refugees. But why the sudden sensitivity and outrage with deportations of undocumented immigrants?

Then there is Russia. Countries have always interfered in our elections and vice-versa; this isn’t something new. This time, however, it’s particularly nefarious and worthy of a thorough investigation. Maybe it’s because we got a glimpse of the real Hillary Clinton and John Podesta? If foreign interference in our elections is so terrible, where’s the outrage with Hillary’s use of a private email server while secretary of state? China and Russia are technologically advanced, so Hillary not only invited foreign interference in our elections, but also jeopardized our safety.

Former President Obama with Dmitry Medvedev at the Seoul Nuclear Summit

All the hoopla about Russia detracted from the fact we had unprecedented domestic interference too. Donna Brazille, the DNC chair, decided to give Hillary Clinton the debate questions before a town hall debate during the primaries. The irony is that we learned of this revelation after WikiLeaks hacked the DNC e-mails Donna Brazile sent to the Clinton camp, in which she tipped them off that someone would ask about the contaminated water in Flint. The e-mails also reveal that Brazile notified the Clinton camp that she would be asked about the death penalty at another town hall. Yet the same people fixated on Russian interference forgot that the DNC colluded with Hillary, thus interfering with our elections. (Poor Bernie.)

If a reliable source had exposed collusion among the RNC and Trump, I have a feeling this selective amnesia would only be in its early stages, and his detractors would pivot quickly to domestic interference after learning there was no Russian collusion.

Let’s also not forget that Trump is allegedly a sexual predator with an affinity for supermodels and strippers. The Access Hollywood recording of Trump saying, “Grab ’em by the pussy,” to host Billy Bush was the last straw for some, particularly feminists. They decried his comments as “chauvinistic,” “lewd,” “repugnant.” Something expected from a sexual predator.

Predator? Repugnant? I agree—that type of “locker-room talk” between two guys is uncalled for—even if it happened in 2005. If that’s repugnant, imagine a sitting president having sexual relations with an intern and later lying under oath about it? (Oh wait … that did happen.)

Did these same people forget that a sitting president was sexually assaulting women and lying about it under oath?

Sometimes, even with selective amnesia, people may remember things from long ago. Trump detractors seem to never forget how Bush and Cheney launched wars in the Middle East such as Iraq, which killed thousands of military service members. Fruitless wars since there were no weapons of mass destruction and because of the ensuing turmoil and chaos that continues to plague the Middle East.

Trump stood across from Jeb Bush on the debate stage and called his brother a “big, fat liar,” insinuating that WMD’s were a pretext to wage war in Iraq. Not even Obama had the audacity to call the Iraq war a big, fat lie.

President Trump and Jeb Bush at the Presidential Debate on February 14, 2016

“War criminals!” people exclaimed. But Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden also supported and voted for the Iraq war; without votes from lawmakers like them, the Iraq war would’ve never happened.

Fast forward to Hillary’s reign as secretary of state under Obama, and we have a drone war—drone strikes used indiscriminately in Syria, Yemen, and Libya. (Heck, Obama didn’t even get authorization to invade Libya. Even Bush got Congressional authorization when waging war in Iraq.) His administration argued that because it was only launching airstrikes, they didn’t need to seek congressional authorization. You may not know this, but there were ten times more airstrikes during Obama’s presidency than Bush’s. Under Obama, we had drone wars in many countries instead of traditional ground forces like we used in Iraq. As a result, we remain bogged down in wars resulting in the death of military service members, and the destabilization of these countries in the Middle East.

Why aren’t these same people referring to Obama as a “war criminal” with the passion of an evangelist as they did with Bush?

Even though the drone war continues, Trump hasn’t waged war elsewhere. He’s engaged in diplomatic negotiations with Kim-Jong-un and Putin, and the same people chanting “Love Trumps Hate” are disgruntled about this. Yes, the same people that thought Iraq was ill-conceived—and have been championing the need for diplomacy ever since—are perturbed that Trump met with dictators without preconditions.

It’s still inconclusive what causes “selective” amnesia and whether a cure will ever exist. Until then, treatment includes helpful reminders in the form of pictures, videos, and government stats. This, along with an effort to fact-check the media’s revisionist history could trigger an epiphany among millions of Trump detractors.

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