Trump: Bolton Was Crazy, Wanted to Bomb Iran and Russia

John Bolton recently wrote a book titled “The Room Where It Happened,” which is a memoir of his time as National Security Advisor to Trump. A Federal Judge allowed the release of the memoir but wrote that Bolton has “exposed the country to harm” by releasing the book.

Trump fired Bolton in September 2019. Shortly afterward, Bolton began writing a memoir about his time as National Security Advisor to the President. Trump responded to the book’s release by providing the reasons why he fired Bolton. Trump rejected the hawkish and aggressive foreign policy that Bolton advocated for, and stated that many foreign leaders, as well as those in his administration thought that Bolton was crazy because he wanted to bomb Russia and Iran.

Bolton, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Kristol still believe that going to war with Iraq and toppling Saddam’s regime was the right decision. Their view of foreign policy is a doctrine of preemption, which involves regime change intended to “democratize” the Middle East. But if Iraq serves as a lesson, then there should be a reluctance to adopt this hawkish approach.

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