Biden and His Media Enablers Rewrite History, Portray Him as ‘Healer’ that Will Renew America’s Soul

Joe Biden and his media enablers are branding him as an empathic person that will “heal” the country and renew the soul of America. Except that his record contradicts this portrayal and reveals one thing: a career bureaucrat whose policies led to mass incarceration and countless deaths.

In making his case for the Crime Bill, Biden brazenly said, “We hang people for everything but jaywalking.” (The Bill provided the death penalty for more than 50 offenses, which he touted as evidence of his “tough on crime” approach.)

Biden also recounts the time someone referred to him as an “iconoclast” for his embrace of the “law and order” mantra; in fact, he scoffs at the concept of justice, saying “Whatever that means … .” He then brashly says, “Throw the SOBs in jail,” which draws ire from conservatives and liberals alike.

The Democratic mantra was law and order – with justice … whatever that meant. And I’d say, lock the SOBs up.

– Joe Biden

The 1994 Crime Bill, authored by Joe Biden, resulted not only in mass incarceration but also in a surge of for-profit private prisons. Not to mention that it included a mandatory five-year prison sentence for possession of only five grams of crack cocaine. This, along with other provisions in the bill, disproportionately affected blacks and hispanics, causing divide among families, as well as hampering the educational pursuits of juveniles and others.

Biden did more than just vote for the Iraq War; he orchestrated the Iraq war. As chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in 1998, Biden told weapons inspectors that he’s going to need them in uniform, on the ground, “taking the son of a — taking Saddam down.” He told them that removing Saddam is the only option, given that his weapons program could not be rooted out and destroyed.

During the exchange, Biden made flippant remarks to the U.N. weapons inspector, dismissing his request for additional help to carry out inspections.

“I respectfully suggest that I have a responsibility ‘slightly’ above your paygrade,” Biden said. He then added that the President and Secretary of State are the only ones qualified to make that decision.

“That’s why they make the big bucks; that’s why they get the limos, and you don’t.” Biden said. He also referred to the weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, as “Scotty Boy”; he did this while imitating the President and Secretary of State conversing about whether to continue inspections.

The catharsis candidate? You decide.

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