Woman Slices Off Hand, Gets Prison Sentence for Insurance Fraud

Julija Adlesic, a Slovenian Woman, appeared in a Ljubljana courtroom where a judge sentenced her to two years in prison.

Her Crime? Using a circular saw to slice off her left hand at the wrist.

But the slice was no accident; she did it deliberately as part of a criminal scheme to recoup over $1 million in insurance payouts.

The accomplices to this grisly crime? Her boyfriend and father.

In 2019, Adlesic’s boyfriend and father took her to the emergency room—without the sliced hand. They told the hospital staff that she cut off her hand while cutting tree branches. But after police found the severed hand at her home, prosecutors began questioning their account of what occurred.

“The boyfriend and his father brought Adlesic to the emergency room without the hand to ensure it would not be reattached,” prosecutors said. (Fortunately, the police were able to promptly recover the hand so it could be sewn back on.)

The court also found that Adlesic’s boyfriend had done internet search queries for “artificial hands” shortly before the hand was severed. Prosecutors argued that the search history proved that the boyfriend and father were part of the scheme; they also noted that Adlesic took out five insurance payouts on herself only a year before the incident.

The goal: to split the proceeds from the insurance payouts. That is, to profit off an amputated hand.

The judge sentenced Adlesic to two years in prison for attempted fraud; her boyfriend received three years in prison, and his father received a one-year suspensed sentence.

During the trial, and at the sentencing hearing, Adlesic kept her reattached hand under a blanket. She continues to insist that it was an accident, and that she would never deliberately amputate her hand.

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