CNN Anchor Takes Death Toll Numbers Out of Context, Compares COVID-19 to Vietnam and 9/11

Brian Stelter of CNN admits that good reporting involves “putting out the numbers, but in the proper context.” He then admits that this story is too important–the health consequences too serious–to make it all about Trump.

But he still makes it all about Trump.

He begins comparing the virus with Vietnam and the terror attacks of 9/11. However, Brian Stelter of CNN forgets to mention that these wars and acts of terror resulted in the deaths of many under 30 years of age. He also fails to mention that these incidents have caused serious physical injuries or wounds, as well as emotional trauma like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Brian Stelter of CNN is not only deliberately causing panic and fear by drawing these false comparisons but also denigrating the service of our veterans; further, comparing the viral outbreak to terror attacks minimizes the suffering endured by the victims and their families of terror attacks like 9/11.

Thumbnail on CNN’s YouTube Page Makes It Appear as if Chris Cuomo is Dying from COVID-19

Chris Cuomo talks to Sanjay Gupta about his COVID-19 symptoms on April 1. He’s been sharing his experiences with his brother and colleagues after testing positive for the virus. The video’s thumbnail makes it appear as if he’s on the brink of dying. Yet he’s speaking in a coherent manner and is experiencing only mild symptoms.

Poynter: Priorities USA “Existential Threat” Ad ‘Splices’ and Misrepresents Timing of Trump Quotes

Priorities USA is a Democratic super PAC that’s funded by “dark money” groups and is responsible for creating and airing the controversial “Existential Threat” ad.

A screenshot of the edited ad is pictured below. The number of cases in the U.S. was about 2,800 in mid-March, half the number listed in the ad. At the top of the ad, the entire quote has been inserted, helping clarify that it’s learning about the virus that he [Trump] likes; not the rise in new cases or deaths.

The Trump campaign is fighting the airing of the ad, stating that the hoax claim in the ad is false and has even issued a “cease and desist,” which demands that television stations stop running the misleading ad.

The law firm that represents Priorities USA is Perkins Coie, a major contributor to Democratic candidates, including Joe Biden. The law firm has already contributed more to Biden’s campaign than to any other Democratic candidate running for president, with contributions totaling $27,896.

Priorities USA has also contributed to other Democratic “dark money” groups, such as Majority Forward and VoteVets. “Dark Money” groups may conceal the identity of contributors.

The Priorities USA $6 million ad contains a line chart depicting an uptick in new cases (not deaths) of COVID-19. It also contains audio clips of Trump quotes. The audio clips coincide with Trump lurking from under an ominous black background, giving the impression that Trump has knowingly allowed the virus to spread.

The “spliced” audio clips take Trump’s statements out of context and incorrectly imply he made them as they appear on the timeline. Also, the transcribed audio appears one line at a time as shown above, further taking his statements out of context.