CNN Anchor Takes Death Toll Numbers Out of Context, Compares COVID-19 to Vietnam and 9/11

Brian Stelter of CNN admits that good reporting involves “putting out the numbers, but in the proper context.” He then admits that this story is too important–the health consequences too serious–to make it all about Trump.

But he still makes it all about Trump.

He begins comparing the virus with Vietnam and the terror attacks of 9/11. However, Brian Stelter of CNN forgets to mention that these wars and acts of terror resulted in the deaths of many under 30 years of age. He also fails to mention that these incidents have caused serious physical injuries or wounds, as well as emotional trauma like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Brian Stelter of CNN is not only deliberately causing panic and fear by drawing these false comparisons but also denigrating the service of our veterans; further, comparing the viral outbreak to terror attacks minimizes the suffering endured by the victims and their families of terror attacks like 9/11.

Journalist Peter Alexander: Drama Queen in Action

On March 21, Trump held a press conference on the Coronavirus. “Journalist” Peter Alexander tried to fuel fear and panic by repeatedly using the word “scared.” He also used terms such as “dead” and “sick” (even though you can have the virus and not be sick), and suggested that the “sailing ship” would sink soon. Trump ripped into him and told him he was sending the wrong signal out to the American people. He accused him of engaging in sensationalism and called him a “terrible reporter.”

Though this is comedic, I created this video with hopes that the media would stop turning this into a political circus and try to glean information on what’s being done to resolve the issue.