District Attorney: I Can Ruin Your Reputation, Good Name with a ‘Stroke of a Pen’

District Attorney “Curious” George Brauchler brazenly boasts that he can ruin your reputation and break apart families with “a stroke of a pen.” Equating himself to God, he goes on a disturbing rant about the power he holds, telling constituents that he’s the “only person on planet Earth” that can use the “government’s machinery” in his District to kill people.

His shocking statements explain why a drunk Colorado cop isn’t charged with a DUI, even though he’s passed out, while on duty, armed with a loaded gun. This also explains why Officer Graham of Parker Police brutally fires six rounds and kills an unarmed suspect without any repercussions.

And why Officer Graham casually points a gun at a driver during a routine traffic spot. Officer Graham is all SMILES, abusing his power by using questionable police tactics and excessive force. He even sneaks in an arrest during that stop. Fortunately, his body cam recorded this abuse of power. Like the Aurora cop, he wasn’t reprimanded by District Attorney “Curious” George Brauchler; instead, he was recently awarded for his “dedicated” service.

Congratulations to the 18th Judicial District for earning that Emmy. Let us know when you find the trophy.