Harris Protected Predatory Catholic Priests to Get the Support of the Catholic Church

Kamala Harris Claims She’s Been a Staunch Advocate for Sexual Abuse Victims, Especially Children. As San Francisco’s District Attorney, However, She Refused to File Charges Against a Single Catholic Priest. This, Despite the Pervasive Problem of Pedophilia and Child Sex Abuse Among Catholic Church Clergy.

Harris’ Predecessor, Terence Hallinan, Had Zealously Pursued These Cases, Opening Numerous Investigations Into Predatory Catholic Priests.

Once Harris Became D.A., She Not Only Halted Investigations Into Clergy Members But Also Refused to Release Any Existing Investigative Files on Clerical Sex Abuse to Survivors, Reporters, and Activists.

Rioters Burn City Buildings and Minority-Owned Businesses

Many protestors are looting and rioting; they are also destroying buildings and committing arson. And though they chant “No Justice, No Peace,” these protestors are perpetrating injustices themselves by destroying communities. In fact, the protestors are even harassing reporters; the same media that helped expose the injustice surrounding George Floyd’s death.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death,protestors are targeting poor neighborhoods with large black populations, as well as minority-owned businesses whose owners have spent years building and establishing.

The irony.

How Prosecutors Like Amy Klobuchar Hijacked the System, Enabled Police Abuse

George Floyd died of strangulation after Officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck. This same officer had a litany of complaints filed against him, but the District Attorney, Amy Klobuchar, failed to take any disciplinary action against him.

Klobuchar refused to prosecute officers during her tenure as district attorney; instead, she deferred matters to a grand jury. A mother whose son was shot and killed by the police wrote a letter to Klobuchar begging her to prosecute the case against the officer herself. She never responded to the letter, and she refused to prosecute the case herself.

Joe Biden Spearheaded the War on Drugs and the Infamous ‘Crime Bill’

Joe Biden drafted the 1994 Crime Bill that imposed mandatory minimums, created tough new criminal sentences, incentivized states to build new prisons, and instituted the death penalty for nearly 60 more crimes. The crime bill led to an astronomical increase in the number of nonviolent inmates in prison between 1994 and 2004. This was partially due to unduly harsh sentences for small quantities of crack cocaine.

The crime bill also sentenced juveniles as adults, thus separating them from their families and disrupting their education. The crime bill disproportionately affected minorities and the poor by imposing harsh sentences for possession of crack cocaine.