Machiavelli’s Art of the Double Cross

The 16th-century Italian diplomat and philosopher, Niccolo Machiavelli, wrote the political treatise “The Prince.” In the book, he advocates for the use of brute force and deceit, as well as engaging in immoral acts to acquire and keep political power. More notably, Machiavelli is known for his view that the end justifies the means and that it’s better to be feared than loved, if not both. Donald Trump wrote the book “The Art of the Deal”; you can say that Machiavelli wrote the book “The Art of the Double Cross.”

Trump, Porn, Stormy Daniels, and the Fake Liberal Outrage

Liberals are morally “outraged,” “offended,” and ” perturbed” by a billionaire businessman having a one-time fling with a pornographic actress, Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels).  In October, 2016, Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels $130k as part of a non-disclosure agreement so that she wouldn’t spill the beans on the alleged affair.  Now, Daniels wants to tell all, claiming the agreement was void because Trump never signed it.

But before 2016, Daniels had already discussed her affair with Trump:

[The sex] was textbook generic, she said in an interview with US magazine InTouch magazine in 2011. He wasn’t like Fabio or anything. He wasn’t trying to have, like, porn sex.

It was nothing crazy. It was one position, what you would expect someone his age to do.

And now rumors abound of “confidential information” (texts, images, etc.) relating to the affair since the agreement required she remain silent about it.  Because ten years has transpired and nothing has been leaked, the likelihood of there being crude images or texts is slim.  But if Daniels really does have something more on Trump, and she wins her suit to have the NDA declared void, she’ll have a chance to release any salacious texts or images.  (Basically, after this rodeo, she would have to “put up or shut up,” otherwise it’ll reinforce publicity stunt).

Now that we’ve established that the affair likely happened, it’s intriguing that liberals are so intent on manufacturing a scandal, when their own actually engaged in far worse scandals that violated the public trust.

  • Bill Clinton would routinely summon Monica Lewinsky to the Oval Office for oral sex;  he was President, she was an intern, and the outcome resulted in him being disbarred after he had unabashedly lied under oath about it. He was never convicted by the Senate and refused to resign.
  • Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger), was with numerous women, some of whom were teens, sending lewd pictures of his genitalia to them via social media sites such as Twitter.  He did this during his term in Congress and even while running for NYC Mayor.
  •  Eliot Spitzer paid up to $80,000 for prostitutes for several years while serving as attorney general and then governor.  Yes, he was linked to a prostitution ring as “Client 9” scheduled to meet with a prostitute who’s part of the ring, Emperors Club VIP.  Ironically, while he was meeting with prostitutes, he was prosecuting prostitution rings as the Attorney General.  He later got his own show on CNN).

Trump likely had a sexual encounter with a pornographic actress, which later turned platonic.  It was a one-time fling:  the alleged sexual encounter occurred in 2006, and didn’t happen again. It didn’t involve an intern in the oval office;  it didn’t involve underage children;  and he wasn’t linked to a prostitution ring while simultaneously prosecuting those rings.  In other words, he didn’t abuse the public trust, or engage in criminal behavior.  He wasn’t even a politician at the time.

We’ve heard from Daniels how the encounter went, and yet some are eager to get “texts” and “calls” stemming from the affair for the sole purpose of embarrassing a sitting U.S. President.  Maybe those people, for our sake, should suggest serious policy proposals, instead of drowning in fascination with Trump’s past sex life.  Their hatred and desire to embarrass a sitting President is packaged as “moral outrage,” when their own did far worse, and were treated with kid gloves and afforded second chances.