Joe Biden’s Been Telling People to ‘Shut Up’ His Entire Career

During the debate, Joe Biden told President Trump to “Shut Up.” But Biden’s been telling people to “Shut Up” his entire political career, except he’s been sly in how he’s gone about it. Sometimes, at the end of a statement, he’ll say, “Period. This is to stifle discussion; it means end of discussion — shut up. Watch as he tells reporters, voters, and politicians to “shut up, man” …SHOW LESS


Joe Biden: The Great Imitator and Plagiarizer

During his first run for President in the 1980s, the media learned that Biden misrepresented his class rank at Syracuse Law and the type of scholarship he was awarded. He also plagiarized a legal brief, failing to cite five of the 15 pages that came from a law review article. Biden claimed he wasn’t acting “malevolent,” and that it was only a “stupid” mistake.

While on the campaign stomp, Biden delivered a couple of riveting speeches. But there was one problem: the speeches were borrowed from others; They were taken (almost verbatim) from British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock and Senator Robert Kennedy. He neglected to give either Kinnick or Kennedy credit for those speeches.

In this footage, you’ll also see Biden challenging Frank to IQ tests and push-ups and endurance runs. His interaction with “Frank” is worrisome, to say the least.

Biden Feigns Ingorance: No Idea What Hunter Biden Was Doing for Burisma

In an interiew with “Axios on HBO” in December 2019, Biden was asked about whether he knew what Hunter Biden was doing on Burisma’s board. Biden began laughing hysterically and told the reporter that there is nothing “on its face” that was wrong; not even a shred of evidence of corruption. He then told the reporter he should be shifting his focus on Trump’s family.