Charles Manson on the Justice System

Manson expresses his frustration with having been denied the right to a fair trial.

Manson wasn’t able to call any witnesses during the trial. Furthermore, President Nixon had declared Manson guilty before the end of the trial; this made headlines on major newspapers.

Manson also discusses his frustration with dishonest and unethical lawyers, blaming them for the broken justice system. Part One of the series also explains the reasons for his frustration. (His court-appointed attorney was mentally unstable and later admitted to a psychiatric ward.)

Lastly, Manson discusses inequality in the justice system by mentioning James Rubin and Lammott du Pont Copeland. He believes that James Rubin, a social activist, should have been sentenced to prison for coordinating violent antiwar protests.

For decades, Dupont used the toxic chemical PFOA, which has been linked to cancer. The fluorinated chemical is also a water contaminant. The company knew it was carcinogenic, but refused to tell the public. Because the chemical is bioresistant (or doesn’t break down once it’s emitted in the atmosphere), the chemical is now in the blood of 99 Percent of the global population.

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